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Happy Card Party Week! Latest announcements, plus event FAQs

Card Party Family,

It's the week that we've all been waiting for, and we're PUMPED UP. The Card Party team is on their way to Orlando as we speak, and we can't wait for you to see everything we've got planned for you all at the party.

Ready to hear about it? LET'S GO!


Giveaways & Prizes at Card Party

One of the most fun things during Card Party's 1st Edition was how many giveaways we were able to share with attendees. So for Gen 2, we're going to keep the giveaways coming and involve even more of you throughout the weekend.

Some of our top prizes will be given away during the five main stage shows happening on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You have to be in the room to win, so make sure you're at as many of the shows as possible to have the best chance to be a winner. And don't be late, you might just hear your name called onto the main stage for one of our epic games or battles!

Friday @ 7:00pm Card Party Kickoff Show

Saturday @ 9:00am Saturday Kickoff Show

Saturday @ 5:30pm The Show!

Sunday @ 9:00am Sunday Kickoff Show

Sunday @ 3:30pm Card Party Wrap Up Show

But the main stage shows aren't the only ways to win prizes at the party. The Rare Candy Pack Battle Stage will have giveaways all day Saturday and Sunday, and don't forget the ​free packs that every attendee will get​ from the Battle Zone, just for being at the party!


Don't miss these 10 things!

We get it, there is a TON going on at the party. We like to think there's something for everyone. But there are a few things you won't want to miss, so we've put together our top 10 (along with one bonus)!

  1. The Main Stage We already mentioned it above, but so much happens during the main stage shows that we have to talk about them again. We'll have creator panels, games, pack battles, world record attempts, and of course lots of prizes! ​The full schedule is here​.

  2. World Record Attempt Speaking of world record attempts, we're trying to ​break another one on Saturday​ at Card Party, and we want you to be a part of it. Join us at 9:00am during our Saturday Kick Off main stage show to find out how you can be a part of history.

  3. Vault X Arcade If you were with us last year, you remember the giant claw machine that our friends at Vault X built out, which was a ton of fun. So they're bringing back the fun with even more games for everyone to enjoy. Stop by the arcade throughout the weekend for some fun and friendly competition!

  4. All 3 Expo Halls Card Party is a whole lot more than a card show... but our card show IS AWESOME! Whether you're new to the hobby, or ready to get down to business, our three room expo will satisfy all collectors at the party!

  5. TCG Tournaments & Training If you are brand new to TCG gameplay, or a veteran competitor, we're here for you at Card Party. ​Check out everything happening throughout the weekend​, from learning to play sessions, to beginners and all-levels tournaments! Plus, thanks to DeepPocketMonster, Saturday and Sunday's all-levels tournaments have cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

  6. Get Your Cards Graded We're thrilled to have CGC joining us this weekend for on-site grading, and PSA joining us for drop-off grading. They both have specific processes to follow in order to submit your cards, so make sure to ​check them both out​ before coming to the party!

  7. VIP Receptions w/ Featured Creators We've got refreshments for VIP attendees all weekend long in our VIP Lounge, but we've also got exclusive meet and greet opportunities on Saturday and Sunday as well. VIP attendees already get to skip the main line for our ​Meet & Greets​, but will get a chance to meet some additional featured creators at the receptions as well.

  8. Pack Battle Stage presented by Rare Candy All day Saturday and Sunday in Expo Central, some of your favorite creators will be breaking boxes, battle style, on-stage, and you're invited to check it all out live. Plus, you might just have a shot at winning some cards during the breaks!

  9. Saturday Trade Night presented by Drip Join us on Friday and Saturday after the main stage shows for fun nights of trading and hanging out with your fellow collectors. PLUS on Saturday, Drip brings you a special live charity auction box break with Pat Flynn, as he breaks a sealed Team Up box. Will Pat pull the chase card for someone – the elusive Latias & Latios Alt Art? The only way to find out is to ​be there in person​, or to watch on ​​ here​!

  10. Card Party Event Cards If collecting cards is your thing, which we'll assume it is since it's a card party, then we've got 10 cards (or is it 11?) for you to collect throughout your weekend with us. ​Check out our preview here​, and join us starting Friday to find out what the other cards that you can collect will be!

  11. BONUS: Gold vs Silver All attendees will choose to be on ​Team Gold or Team Silver ​when they check in at the event, and then the battle begins! There will be ways to score points for your team throughout the weekend, so get ready for some friendly competition!



If you're joining us with a VIP Pass, you've got a lot coming your way this weekend. And if you're not yet a VIP, there is still time to change that. Check out what our VIP passholders will enjoy while they're with us in Orlando:

  • Exclusive access to our VIP Featured Creator receptions on both Saturday and Sunday. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO MEET SEVERAL OF OUR TOP CREATORS

  • VIP Line access to our standard open-to-the-public meet and greets, to make sure you have more time to do more things at the event

  • VIP Lounge access with snacks and refreshments throughout the event

  • VIP Seating at all main stage shows

  • Exclusive collectible hologram event credential

  • Limited edition custom Card Party swag, including a CardParty Gen 2 shirt

  • Plus everything included in the standard 3 Day Pass

​CLICK HERE​ to buy your VIP Pass now, or if you'd like to upgrade another pass type, just reply to this email!


Frequently Asked Questions for CP2 Attendees

We know you've got questions, and we hope these FAQs help!

  • What is the parking situation like? The venue (Hilton Orlando) has plenty of parking on-site in their event parking garages. We've negotiated a big discount off of their standard rates, and attendees (both hotel guests and those driving in) can enjoy $15 daily parking (normal price is $35 a day).

  • Can We Bring Items To Sell, Trade, Or Get Autographed?​​ YES! Whether you’re showing off your collection, looking to add to it (or sell it), or have something cool to get signed by your favorite creator, you’re welcome to bring it.​​​ Please note that each individual attendee, creator, and guest reserves the right to refuse to sign any item for any reason.

  • Will There Be Security Or Medical Assistance On-Site?​​​ If you have any issues, please locate the nearest Card Party staff member and they can help you, or elevate your situation to security or medical professionals. In addition to the hotel’s standard on-site security, Card Party has hired additional help to ensure everyone can have a safe, secure time during their time with us. We also have security cameras spread throughout the venue, including in all three expo halls, for additional attendee and vendor security.

If you've got other questions, please just reply to this email and we can help!


Finally, we want to make sure all of our guests are taken care of while with us next month. If you or anyone joining you at Card Party have accessibility concerns or needs ​CLICK HERE​ to learn more, and to let us know how we can help.

We'll see you this weekend!

The Card Party Team


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