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Schedule reveal, join your favorite creators, and prices are increasing!

Card Party Family,

Can you believe we're just over 3 weeks away from Gen 2 of Card Party?!

This week we talk about some new creators who are joining us, share with you the schedule overview so you can begin making plans, and a lot more!

But before all that, this is our warning that ticket prices go up THIS WEEK. That means it's your last chance to save your spot before late pricing kicks in. Learn more here.

Ready? LET'S GO!


We know, you got your invite to The Party, but no one told you the details on when it all goes down. Well now you've got that too!

It all starts Friday, June 14th at 2pm, and the party doesn't stop until Sunday at 4:30pm.

Some things to pay special attention to, and that you won't want to miss:

  • Friday activities are exclusive to 3-Day & VIP Passholders only. Single Day Passes are only available for Saturday and Sunday.

  • The Vendor & Expo Halls are open all three days, ensuring you'll have plenty of time to meet all the vendors (hundreds of them), buy, sell, and trade, while still checking out all the shows, panels, and meet and greets.

  • Speaking of Meet & Greets, we will announce which creators will be participating, and on which days, in an upcoming newsletter. But as we've mentioned in past newsletters, our featured creators will be participating in all different ways. Some of them will be doing meet and greets, others will be joining us on stage, and many of them will be doing a bit of everything. All we can promise is they're all going to be ready to (card) party!

  • Last year some boxes were broke, but this year we're breaking even more. All day Saturday and Sunday, Rare Candy brings you the Battle Stage in the expo hall, where your favorite creators will go head to head as they break boxes to see who will get the biggest hits. Plus, they'll be sharing insights and answer your questions along the way!​

  • You won't want to miss Saturday's Trade Night, which is being presented by Drip. We've got some special activities planned, and can't wait for you to stay out late with us, and our friends at Drip!

  • We'll have two one-day Pokémon tournaments, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, for all attendees to participate in. These are fun, non-sanctioned tournaments, but are sure to be a great time for everyone who plays. Don't know how to play, or wanting to brush up on your skills? We'll have special learning and training opportunities all weekend long! We'll have more we'll have more information on these next week.​

We've got so many more fun things to share soon... have we mentioned it's going to be epic!?


Join Your Favorite Creators at Card Party!

We like to say is that Card Party is a home for everyone. If you're a collector, a creator, or (like a lot of us) both, we're all a part of it together. And whether you're a fan of the biggest creators in the world, or a creator yourself aspiring to get bigger, there's nothing cooler than strolling down the aisles at Card Party and bumping into some of your favorite Pokétubers, or joining a box break and being cheered on by your favorite streamers.

That's why we're so honored that some of our favorite creators (big and small) will be coming together next month in Orlando. In fact, we've most recently announced that RealBreakingNate and Marie, as well as PokeRev, will be in the house again for the second year in a row!

You can check out all the incredible creators who have let us know they'll be partying with us (and you) at Card Party!


A few vendor and artist tables are still available!

If you've thought about setting up at a card show (or THE CARD PARTY) to show off your art, sell your cards, or some of each, then we've got a few more opportunities available for you. CLICK HERE to check out ways you can become even more involved!


Card Party is around the corner, and we don't want you to miss out on the best possible deals to join us.

We recommend the VIP pass if you want to make the most of your time with us, or the 3 Day Basic pass. Those two passes are the ONLY WAY to participate in all three days, including Friday's kickoff festivities. We can't wait for you to party with us!


Before we go, we want to make sure all of our guests are taken care of while with us next month. If you or anyone joining you at Card Party have accessibility concerns or needs CLICK HERE to learn more, and to let us know how we can help.

We'll be back next week with even more exciting news.

Talk then!

The Card Party Team


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